We Sell Innovative Products to Makers!
iSource Asia Mission: We help Makers to Create Smart Products, and Introduce it into the World!

iSource Asia was founded in 2010 by a team of industrial veterans with solid background in the fields of consumer 
electronics, IT, telecommunications and automation industries. 
Headquartered in Hong Kong, iSource Asia strategically locates its R&D, operation center in Shenzhen, China. And
establishes its sales networks across China (includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau), Japan, South Korea, and 
South East Asia countries.

Recent years, the booming of open source hardware, 3D printing, crowd-funding and global logistics creates an evolutionary 
easy platform to hardware/ software innovators( we call them "makers") to grow their inspirations into innovative and 
differentiating products.
iSource Asia is a firm believer in the ideology of open source technology. We subscribe to the belief that open source 
technology encourages innovation and creativity, while helping empower makers to build the projects they want and to make 
the world of electronics more accessible to the average person.

With the solid experience and resource from the industries, iSource Asia engages in those innovative projects with makers 
together from the early inspirations & ideas creation stage, to prototypes fabrication, fund-raising, manufacturing and till 
sales channels. 
iSource Asia also team up with schools, incubators, Chinese tech ecosystem, investors and distribution channels to makers/students to realize their inspiration into innovative products, then introduce and promote it into the market.

iSource Asia is trying to build a easy access platform to students, makers, hobbyists, tinkerers, enthusiasts, engineers, an 
professionals to communicate and create their inspirations, ideas, to make their products, to promote their products in a 
more efficient way. 

Some of our strategic partners for Innovative Makers Movements in Asia:

Grea Scott Gadgets                             MeegoPad                         Arcbotics Sparki           SZOIL